Welcome to the website of the Belgian School at Athens. We are primarily engaged in archaeological research in Greece, which especially includes excavation and survey but also material studies and the publication, presentation and preservation of results. Our main projects are the excavations at Thorikos in South Attica (Lavrion Attikis), and, on the island of Crete, at Sissi (Agiou Nikolaou) and at Itanos (Sitias), both in the Lasithi province.

Apart from these projects, we host a library with a large number of Belgian publications on Greek archaeology, we organise conferences, seminars, courses, and colloquia.

Through this website we hope to reach all those interested in Greek archaeology. Our calendar highlights not only our activities in Greece but also scientific activities related to Greek archaeology organized in Belgium. You can also find guidelines on excavation and research permits, Belgian academic institutions involved in research on Greek soil and heritage

The director
Jan Driessen

Activities in Greece

Numismatic Webinar 18.1.2021 Stelios Damigos

Please receive our very best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year. We are now back with our first lecture for 2021 and the third one in this academic year’s program. We are happy to host Stelios Damigos (KIKPE Foundation-University of Münster) who is going to discuss:
Chasing Chimeras: Numismatic Iconography and the Boundaries of Imagined Community” (abstract of the lecture below). 
The lecture will be delivered in English and, as the previous ones, will be accessible via the zoom link below where registration is mandatory and can be done even 5 minutes before the beginning of the lecture. 
When: Monday January 18th
Time: 6 pm.
Where/how: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_G78FjKcpTzS-GHKNRtjANw
Abstract: Two main factors continuously challenge our understanding of community creation and societal structures in antiquity: the inherent complexity of the connections as evidenced by our data; and the ever-evolving interpretative framework. To further promote advance on these challenges, the present paper undertakes a fundamental analysis of the sense of belonging within the ancient Greek world and then explores how Numismatics can contribute to the discussion. Having taken into account the primary purposes of coinage, its use, and its limitations as a medium, the paper considers moreover some case studies that have the potential to illustrate the multitude of social connections and structures, expressed and instrumentalized through the use of numismatic iconography.

Εόρτιες ευχές/Season's Greetings

Θερμές εόρτιες ευχές από όλους εμάς στη Βελγική Σχολή Αθηνών! 
Season's Greetings from all of us at the Belgian School at Athens!

Activities in Belgium

International Conference-ULB April 2021

This is the final program of a very interesting international conference organized by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Dr. Nerantzis Nerantzis (Marie Curie Fellow-ULB) dealing with some of the main interests of the Belgian research in Greece, i.e. metal technology. The title is: “FORGING VALUES. Metals Technologies and Social Interactions in Greece and the Mediterranean from the 4th to the 1st millennium BC".
When: 15-16 April 2021
Where: Université libre de Bruxelles, Campus du Solbosch, Room AY.2.108

CReA Seminar 2020-2021

We are happy to announce the program for this year's seminar organized by CReA-ULB under the direction of Professor Athéna Tsingarida.Thie seminar considers "ESPACES, PRATIQUES ET RITUELS FUNÉRAIRES EN MÉDITERRANÉE DU DÉBUT DE L’AGE DU FER À L’ÉPOQUE CLASSIQUE".

The seminar takes place every Thursday starting October 8th 2020.

Below, you will find detailed information on the seminar and the room:

Séminaire Grèce I (HAAR-B4205) & Séminaire Grèce II (HAAR-B5206)
Titulaire Athéna Tsingarida
Année académique 2020-2021
ULB | local AX5.105a | de 10.00 à 12.00