Welcome to the website of the Belgian School at Athens. We are primarily engaged in archaeological research in Greece, which especially includes excavation and survey but also material studies and the publication, presentation and preservation of results. Our main projects are the excavations at Thorikos in South Attica (Lavrion Attikis), and, on the island of Crete, at Sissi (Agiou Nikolaou) and at Itanos (Sitias), both in the Lasithi province.

Apart from these projects, we host a library with a large number of Belgian publications on Greek archaeology, we organise conferences, seminars, courses, and colloquia.

Through this website we hope to reach all those interested in Greek archaeology. Our calendar highlights not only our activities in Greece but also scientific activities related to Greek archaeology organized in Belgium. You can also find guidelines on excavation and research permits, Belgian academic institutions involved in research on Greek soil and heritage

The director
Jan Driessen

Activities in Greece

Update on travelling to Greece: Summer 2020

On July 1st, Greece will officially announce the new list of countries from which travelling will involve a minimum of COVID-19 related restrictions. In any case, it will remain mandatory to fill in an application form 48 hours before their travelling date/time. The form is to be found here: https://travel.gov.gr
For additional information, please follow either the official webpage of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://www.mfa.gr/en/current-affairs/statements-speeches/greece-welcomes-the-world-update-15-june-2020.html) or that of the Embassy of Belgium in Greece (https://greece.diplomatie.belgium.be).

Greece about to reopen Museums: June 15

Museums shuttered by the coronavirus crisis in Greece will reopen on June 15. Museum staff is activelly preparing the reopening focusing on applying sanitary measures. Social distancing (1.5 m or 2 m depending on the museum plan), limited number of visitors, mandatory use of facial masks and antiseptic are among the most important measures. In any case, visitors and researchers must follow the instructions given by the Museums' staff.

Follow the Ministry's link here for more information: https://www.culture.gov.gr/el/Information/SitePages/view_announcement.aspx?nID=4298

Activities in Belgium

Travelling instructions to Belgium

For those who plan a trip to Belgium as soon as that is possible again, the following site offers all necessary infrmation:


Triste nouvelle

Nous apprenons avec une très grande tristesse le décès simultané de Françoise et Philippe Valentin, tous les deux décédés le 4 avril du Covid-19. Ensemble, ils avaient fondé et porté à bout de bras l’Association Alexandre le Grand à Charleroi (http://alexandrelegrand.be/) qui, placée sous le haut patronage de l’Ambassade de Grèce en Belgique, fait rayonner très haut depuis 30 ans l’humanisme et le philhellénisme à travers des conférences qui avaient su attirer un large public. C’est une lourde disparition pour tous les amis de la Grèce en Belgique.