Numismatic Seminar


The Numismatic meetings are a joint organization of the Belgian School at Athens (EBSA), the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), the National Hellenic Research Foundation (EIE-IIE/TEPA), the French School at Athens (EFA), the German Archaeological Institute at Athens (DAI). These Meetings take place on an almost monthly basis at the Seminar room of the National Research Foundation. This is the permanent academic activity of the EBSA focusing on one of the aspects of expertise of both the EBSA and Belgium. The Numismatic Meetings are now running for the sixth year and the programs of each year are available in the images and documents attached to this page or can be consulted on the 'Home' section of the present webside and on the Facebook page of the EBSA as well.
The aim of the seminar is to demonstrate the strength of the numismatic research in Greece by pointing out the links and interactions of the discipline with history and archaeology. Every source and method related to numismatics will keep the attention of the seminar: technical aspects, metrology, iconography, monetary, financial and economic history.
The Greek and overseas scholars are invited to deliver a one-hour conference presenting the “what’s new” in numismatics, their latest studies and important new discoveries in the field. A session of discussion and questions will follow the conference.
Numismatic Summer School - October 2016

Velvet Seminar 1: Numismatic seminar

How to Tackle Ancient Greek Coinage: A Methodological Post-graduate Intensive Seminar at the Belgian School at Athens (1-9 Oct. 2016)

The Belgian School at Athens is happy to announce its first postgraduate Summer School. This 9-day seminar focuses on Greek numismatics. Questions of method, history, archaeology, and economy will also receive attention.

All courses and presentations will be in English. At the end of the seminar, participants will deliver a presentation on an imposed topic (based on their academic background). The full program of the courses and visits to Athenian numismatic collections is given below.

Applications – a letter of motivation and a CV – should be sent to the organizers [François de Callataÿ (FdC-Royal Library of Belgium/Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris/Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Panagiotis P. Iossif (PPI-EBSA/Université de Liège)] via email to the following address: info@ebsa.infowith the mention “Numismatic seminar: Application”. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 31st, 12 am.

The seminar will take place at the Belgian School at Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis (Makri 11, GR-117 42, Athens;www.ebsa.info) and lodgment to participants will be offered, as well as free access to the main Athenian libraries and passes to Museums and archaeological sites. An inscription fee of 70 € is asked for file preparation and registration.




1/10 Saturday

9h-12h General introduction

-Topics assigned to the students

-Monetary history: a general overview of issues (FdC)

-Numismatics: a general overview of tools (FdC)


15h-18h Inside and outside the mints: methodological issues from issuers to users

-Quantification of ancient coinages: techniques and benefits (FdC)

-Iconography of Greek coins: problems and methods (FdC)

-Iconography of Greek coins: quantifying iconographic types (PPI)


2/10 Sunday

9h-12h Metrology and archaeology

-Greek coin weights: historiography and methodological problems (FdC)

-Greek coins in archaeological context: methodological problems (FdC)

-Greek coins in archaeological context: the Seleucid paradigm (PPI)

15h-18h Methods for numismatists: die studies and hoard analyses

            -Die studies: a methodological introduction (PPI) & practical exercises (FdC & PPI)

            -Coin hoards: what questions hoard analysis can answer? (PPI)


3/10 Monday

9h-12h Introduction of bronzes

            -Precious and petty coins: introduction of bronze coins in the Greek world (PPI)

            -Visit to the KIKPE foundation: Bronze coins presented by Vasso Penna

15h-18hFrom coins to… economies (a)

-Greek coins, wars and mercenaries: a general frame (FdC)

-Gold coins of Alexander the Great and the link with economic growth (FdC)



            4/10 Tuesday

9h-12h From coins to economies (b)

-Plautus and Terence: possibly our best opportunity to study the Hellenistic economy and monetary matters in movement (FdC)

-Comparing economic models: a methodological introduction Ptolemies versus Seleucids (PPI)

15h-18h Greek numismatics and IT

-How to create numismatic databases? (PPI)

-Online resources and open access data (PPI)


            5/10 Wednesday

9h-12h Visit Alpha Bank: Presentation of the collection by Dimitra Tsangari

15h-18h Roman coinages in the Greek world


-More than it would seem: the use of coinage by the Romans in late Hellenistic Asia Minor (FdC)

-The Coinages struck for the Romans in Late Hellenistic Greece: a quantified overview (FdC)


            6/10 Thurdsay

9h-12h Conferences

            -The coinages of the Cypriot kings (Evi Markou)

            -Conference by Yannis Stoyas

15h-18h Conferences

            -Macedonia before Alexander the Great (Sophia Kremydi)

            -The Macedonian coinages of the Antigonids (KaterinaPanagopoulou)


            7/10 Friday


            -Numismatics as a historical discipline. The contribution of epigraphy and history (Selene Psoma)

-Library work for the students


15h-18h Coins and religion

            -Coins and religion: coins as markers of religious information (PPI)

            -Comparing the numismatic iconography with other media: a methodological warning (PPI)


            8/10 Saturday

9h-12h:Coins and art

            -The beauty of Greek coins: reasons and historiography (FdC)

-The Hellenistic portraits: uses and misuses of the numismatic evidence (FdC)


            -Progress report on student’s studies


            9/10 Sunday

Student’s presentations