The ATLAS Seminar



ATLAS- Archaeological Topographies: Landscapes of Action and Spatial Analysis

Addressing ontological, philosophical, historical and sociopolitical questions in the archaeological record has been constantly facilitated by rapidly advancing 3D visualizations, GIS mapping and topographic data analysis methods. Topography is both deeply entrenched in archaeological research methodologically since the latter’s first steps and conceptually integrated as there are always intangible landscapes to be mapped emerging from tangible archaeological sites. In an attempt to bridge the gap between mental, ritual, funerary, economic, political, social and gender landscapes and actual dynamic environments, marginal zones, mobile societies and traditional topographies we invite colleagues dealing with spatial analysis in archaeology to contribute to a seminar aspiring to explore the future of archaeological topographies and the interpretational power of mapping.

The Numismatic Seminar


2013 - 2022

The Numismatic meetings are a joint organization of the Belgian School at Athens (EBSA), the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), the National Hellenic Research Foundation (EIE-IIE/TEPA), the French School at Athens (EFA), the German Archaeological Institute at Athens (DAI). These Meetings take place on an almost monthly basis at the Seminar room of the National Research Foundation. This is the permanent academic activity of the EBSA focusing on one of the aspects of expertise of both the EBSA and Belgium. The Numismatic Meetings are now running for the sixth year and the programs of each year are available in the images and documents attached to this page or can be consulted on the 'Home' section of the present webside and on the Facebook page of the EBSA as well.
The aim of the seminar is to demonstrate the strength of the numismatic research in Greece by pointing out the links and interactions of the discipline with history and archaeology. Every source and method related to numismatics will keep the attention of the seminar: technical aspects, metrology, iconography, monetary, financial and economic history.
The Greek and overseas scholars are invited to deliver a one-hour conference presenting the “what’s new” in numismatics, their latest studies and important new discoveries in the field. A session of discussion and questions will follow the conference.